Direct Impact – Legal Services Plan


We’re sending this important message due to the recent receipt of a good many calls, texts and emails. Many of our members continue to have the mistaken belief that the CRPOA Legal Services Plan is a “legal defense plan” which will provide you a legal defense if you are involved in a use of force or other action which requires you to hire a lawyer to defend you from possible criminal sanctions.  It does not!  That is why we highly encourage our members to join PORAC and opt for its legal defense plan, or your agency’s legal defense plan (if it has one).  This was explained in our July 2016 Backup magazine:

Please read the terms of our Legal Services Plan, which we continue to believe offers you great benefits and is well worth the membership in CRPOA, not to mention the many other valuable reasons to be a CRPOA member!

Lastly, if you have a request for legal services under our plan, due to the number of requests for service, please do not email, phone or text the CRPOA General Counsel directly.  Those requests will not get a response. Rather, please submit your request through our Contact form:

Many thanks for your attention to this important message!