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The officer safety issues faced by full-time and reserve law enforcement officers on duty and off duty are of paramount concern to CRPOA. Our federal and California legislators have enacted laws, including the federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) and California Assembly Bill 703, that enhance the off-duty personal protection of both full-time and reserve peace officers. CRPOA encourages California law enforcement agencies to adopt policies and procedures that give both LEOSA and AB 703 the full effect this legislation intended. The articles appearing below provide detailed legal analyses of laws as well as other topics affecting officer safety and related matters of concern to our members.


A biological attack poses a major health risk for the general public and requires a skilled response from local law enforcement. However, a lack of awareness of current biological technologies behind the production of these weapons hinders law enforcement bio-surveillance efforts. Sharing these technologies among the local law enforcement community could aid with better preparedness […] Read More »


One of the benefits of our Legal Services Plan is the availability of a lawyer to assist you with administrative matters involving discipline. Often that lawyer is me and I wanted to give you some of my observations based on a number of situations I have seen arise with regard to discipline of reserve officers. […] Read More »

CRPOA Files Legal Brief in DOJ Lawsuit

On July 3rd, the CRPOA, along with one of its members, filed its legal brief in the pending legal proceeding against the California DOJ seeking to enforce California law which provides an exemption to authorized law enforcement officers, including reserve peace officers, to acquire patrol rifles for use in their duties. We are represented by […] Read More »

Why CRPOA Members Should Also Join PORAC

In previous articles we have recommended to our members that they join PORAC and take advantage of the dual benefits of both CRPOA and PORAC memberships.  I have long advocated for legal coverage in case you are involved in an incident where your employment as a reserve peace officer or other duties performed by our […] Read More »

CRPOA’s DOJ Lawsuit – Update and Request for Support

The DOJ is fighting us, claiming that reserve peace officers are “less than” other peace officers and do not qualify for the exemption, and in essence is arguing that “sworn peace officers” as used in the exemption does not mean “reserve” peace officers. We do not expect them to change their position any time soon. We need the support of your Department, ideally your Chief or Sheriff, and would like your Department head or command staff member to send an email to me expressing his or her support for our position. Read More »


The California Reserve Peace Officers Association has filed suit against the California Department of Justice seeking to overturn new rules implemented by Attorney General Kamala Harris which prevent reserve officers and deputies from acquiring patrol rifles for use in their law enforcement duties as permitted by California law. The DOJ implemented these new rules without […] Read More »

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