NEW CRPOA Benefits Opportunity – October 2023
Your CRPOA membership just became more valuable with a new set of benefits that provide you the opportunity to obtain criminal, civil, and administrative liability Insurance. Your board is happy to announce a new partnership with the National and State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). We will soon become the only Reserve Officer Lodge in the country and as a member of CRPOA you will automatically become a member of FOP at no additional charge. As a FOP member you will be able to purchase the same liability Insurance, for the same costs, as our full-time partners throughout the country. The Insurance policies have no limits on criminal, civil, or administrative liability coverage including SB2 liability coverage. If you are currently a member of a local FOP lodge you will be able to transition to the CRPOA FOP lodge under your CRPOA membership. CRPOA will provide you with your benefit options and unlike most current legal defense policies, FOP has no limits in terms of costs to defend its members. More information will be sent to members soon.