Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about CRPOA or our website? Take a look through these FAQs and you should find the answers.

How do I get help when I might be in trouble?

Depending on the trouble and issue, you should be able to find the proper contact e-mail or phone number on the contact page.

Looking to join CRPOA?

To sign up, fill out our secure online application form.

Is the CRPOA site secure?

Yes. Because the site has many administration and membership features, we have implemented appropriate security for all areas and functions, especially for payments, membership information and data security. is a safe and secure website.

When is the Annual Conference and where can I get the application and class schedule?

ARPOC is held the end of August each year, alternating North and South site locations. The costs, application and class schedule can be found online around the first of May. More information can be found here.

Find out about current legislation?

Legislation news can be found in the members-only area. Login to access this section. You may also contact CRPOA for current information.

Where can I get the poster of the guys in the alley called, “A reserve does it for a lot less…”?

You can order it online through the CRPOA store and have it mailed directly to you. It is available framed and unframed.

I’m not a reserve peace officer, can I become a member of the California Reserve Peace Officers Association?

Yes. There are members who are Search and Rescue, and Volunteers in Law Enforcement. All the benefits that apply to Reserve Peace Officers also apply to Search and Rescue and Volunteers in Law Enforcement. There are also membership categories for Full Time Peace Officers and Non Sworn Supporters that would like to show their support for these dedicated volunteers. Learn about the benefits here. Apply to become a CRPOA member.

How can I become a Law Enforcement volunteer or Search and Rescue member?

Check with your local Police or Sheriff's Department for the programs they offer and the qualifications.

Is CRPOA doing any Fundraising?

Yes, We’d welcome your contribution! You can make a general donation or “earmark it” for something specific, such as ARPOC, Legislative or Membership Recruitment, or as a memorial. Please note that CRPOA is not a charity so your donations are not tax deductible.