Legal Services

Legal ServicesCRPOA’s Legal Services Plan (LSP) is designed to assist General Members with legal representation in administrative matters, such as accusations of violations of department policy or other adverse employment actions.

Administrative Matters

The CRPOA Legal Services Plan is designed to assist CRPOA General Members with matters arising in connection with CRPOA General Members’ duties to their agencies which may result in administrative discipline due to violations of agency policies. As such, a CRPOA LSP representative will assist General Members in connection with administrative matters arising within the course and scope of the members’ duties not involving the possibility of criminal law sanctions or personal civil liability. In these cases, unless agreed to the contrary by CRPOA and the General Member, a plan representative will appear at an administrative interview or at a liberty interest (“name clearing”) hearing. A CRPOA LSP representative will not be provided for any on-duty or off-duty incidents which may implicate potential criminal law sanctions, including without limitation incidents involving use of force, “Section 1983” claims, or other incidents by which criminal or personal civil liability may arise.


If a General Member is the subject of adverse administrative action and CRPOA determines that the issues involved are of broad importance to CRPOA members, CRPOA, in its sole discretion and with the consent of the involved member, may write legal demand letters and may fund litigation or other court proceedings. In such event, the LSP legal counsel will oversee the appointment of outside counsel at no additional cost to the General Member. Under no circumstances shall CRPOA be obligated to bring such action, nor shall CRPOA be obligated to defend any member against whom a civil action is brought in connection with the member’s duties to or employment by his or her agency.

Criminal Actions

CRPOA’s LSP does not provide any advice or representation for threatened or charged criminal matters or any matter with respect to which a criminal law violation may be implicated.

Civil Actions

If a General Member is named as a defendant in a civil suit relating to the General Member’s actions within the course and scope of such member’s duties to the member’s agency and the employing agency wrongfully fails or refuses to indemnify the General Member in accordance with California law, the LSP legal representative will advise the General Member on steps the General Member can take to obtain such indemnification.

For Legal Services Program Assistance Contact:

James M. Rene, Esquire
General Counsel, California Reserve Peace Officers Association
Police Sergeant, Administration/Special Counsel – San Fernando Police Department (Reserve Division)
Phone: (855) 552-7762 ext. 112 (non-urgent)
Phone: (855) 552-7762 ext. 1 (emergency calls only)