About Membership

About MembershipCRPOA membership is open to anyone who is involved in or supportive of law enforcement. Our membership is made up of reserve peace officers, full-time regular peace officers, law enforcement administrators, volunteers in law enforcement, search and rescue members, and citizens who feel it is important to support their volunteers. We welcome members from anywhere and have categories of membership for both active and retired individuals. Special benefits are offered to law enforcement agencies that join CRPOA as a unit.

Membership dues are collected annually. Individuals and departments will be invoiced at least 30 days before their membership becomes due. Membership must be current for member benefits to be applied.

CRPOA serves its members through organizational networking, education, legislation monitoring and representation, a legal services plan, and an accident disability benefit plan. We actively participate in POST (the state of California’s Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training) committees and discussions regarding CRPOA member activities. We work closely with the California Legislature on bills where volunteers are involved.

Member Type Dues Publications Accident Insurance Legal Services Voting Rights
CA Reserve (Active) $125        
Volunteer in Law Enforcement $96        
Search and Rescue $96        
Out-of-State Reserve (Active) $72        
Retired Reserve $62        
Full-Time Peace Officer (Active/Retired) $36        
Non-Sworn Supporting Member $36        
Full-Time Peace Officer serving as the Reserve Coordinator Free        

Annual dues may be paid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or check. To apply as a new member, click here. To renew your membership, click here.   Questions regarding your membership can be directed to the CRPOA Membership Office.