Soledad Police Dept.

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Simi Valley Police Department

Dept: 125 Sworn full-time positions, 3 Reserves. Reserve officers are non-compensated for working hours.  The City provides all uniforms and safety equipment except footwear, replacement is on the quartermaster system. Retired fulltime Officers who become reserves can work alone or with another reserve after they have finished FTO training.  After a reserve has completed the […]

West Covina Police Department

West Covina Police Department is strategically located in the San Gabriel Valley, 19 miles east of the city of Los Angeles and covers 17 square miles. Reserves presently are paid minimum wage and is increased with rank. Reserves are issued all safety equipment, however are responsible for uniforms and maintenance. Reserves are not given a […]

South Pasadena Police Department

Reserve Officers serve on a volunteer basis. Compensation for reserve officer hours worked at special events coverage is donated directly to the Reserve Organization fund. Monies from the fund are used to cover quarterly PORAC/LDF dues for all association members and to purchase specialty equipment items for reserve officers when available. Upon hire, reserves are […]

Santa Paula Police Department

Compensation is $900 per year uniform stipend that is payable quarterly. The department supplies safety gear including duty belt and ballistic vest. Regular patrol duty is not compensated. Reserves may participate in the frequent on-location movie filming details that pays at the regular patrol step one rate. Santa Paula is located in central area of […]

Santa Barbara Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Reserve Corps was founded by City Charter in 1964 in order to supplement the demand for service by one of the busiest cities on the West Coast for private and city sponsored special events. The Reserve Corps consists of both Level 1 and Level 2 reserves; however all our reserves work […]