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Reserve Officers serve on a volunteer basis. Compensation for reserve officer hours worked at special events coverage is donated directly to the Reserve Organization fund. Monies from the fund are used to cover quarterly PORAC/LDF dues for all association members and to purchase specialty equipment items for reserve officers when available.

Upon hire, reserves are provided with a duty weapon, holster, magazine pouch, ammunition, and custom-fit ballistic vest. Reserve officers are also provided with an annual uniform allowance by the City.

After completion of the field training program and associated testing requirements, reserve officers may be certified to ride alone as one-person patrol units and to receive CCW permits. Rank status and advancement are also available in the Reserve Corps.

The primary function of the Reserve Corps is to provide patrol support to regular officers and the citizens of the city. Reserves are second officer or solo officer in patrol units (depending upon status) and provide general law enforcement services to the community. Reserves also handle coverage for many annual events throughout the City, including 5K and 10K races, parades, fireworks shows, arts and crafts festivals, and high school football and basketball games.

The Reserve Corps runs its own Bicycle Patrol, Warrant Service, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), and Recruiting/Hiring programs. Reserve officers are utilized as need be by the Detective Bureau to assist with plainclothes, stake-out, and crime prevention assignments.

Reserve Captain Peggy J. Grangetto
South Pasadena Police Department
1422 Mission Street South
Pasadena, CA 91030
(626) 403-7272 x494
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