2016 CRPOA Award Nominations June 23 Deadline

Don’t miss an opportunity to honor a deserving individual within your organization. Review the 2016 Award Criteria and complete the 2016 Award Application form and submit a letter of nomination detailing the nominee’s qualifications and accomplishments. Nominations must be submitted no later than June 23, 2016. Read More »

The Legislative Report

This month I will discuss The Direct Initiative Process as practiced in California. There is a currently proposed initiative that is in the signature gathering phase for possible inclusion on the general election ballot in November. It could have an impact on our ability to carry concealed weapons. Read More »

Law Enforcement Training

The South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Academy offers Law Enforcement training throughout the state. Review their site to learn more about upcoming PC 832 Laws Of Arrest classes along with Modular & Reserve Deputy Basic Academy. The Academy is known for excellence and diversity in Law Enforcement training throughout the state with training. South Bay Regional has enjoyed a successful 20 years on the Evergreen Valley College campus in Southeast San Jose. South Bay also has academies in Monterey, Gilroy and San Mateo the administrative offices have been located on the Evergreen campus. Read More »


Lawsuit Challenges Large Capacity Magazine Ban

The CRPOA has joined 30 Sheriffs and others in a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles challenging its ban on the possession of large capacity magazines (magazines holding 11 rounds or more). Last week the L.A. Public Safety Committee approved amendments which would specifically exempt reserve officers and LEOSA-eligible retired officers (provided they have a CCW or CCW endorsement) and made other changes to the ordinance as noted below. Read More »

The Legislative Report

By Pete Downs, CRPOA Director, Member of the Legislative Committee a Volunteer In Policing at the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. This month I will discuss the committee structure and some of the nuances. LEGISLATION         Measures considered by the Legislature fall into six classes. These are bills, constitutional amendments, joint resolutions, concurrent resolutions, house resolutions, […] Read More »