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Located in the Bay Area 25 miles south of San Francisco, Redwood City is home to approximately 77,600 people. It is the oldest bayside city in San Mateo County and has been the County Seat since 1856. Redwood City combines residential, industrial, and commercial elements in a largely urban environment. Its waterfront provides a yacht harbor and the only deep-water port in the South Bay.

Reserve compensation consists of all uniforms and safety equipment, all of which are maintained by the department (dry cleaning and replacement items included). Reserve officers are not paid for their shifts (only court time). The Reserve unit pays for all additional department-mandated training and for the annual ARPOC training conference.

All Reserve officers are required to complete a Department approved FTO program. The reserve is expected to meet the same level of performance as that of a regular officer. Upon completion of the FTO program, the reserve’s primary function is to support the patrol division.

After completion of the FTO program, the reserve is required to work 20 hours (2 shifts) in patrol per month. Reserve officers are used to participate in many specialized details. Reserve officers regularly work in our specialized units with narcotics, gang, and vehicle theft enforcement; bike patrol, boat patrol, prisoner transportation and various community activities. The Reserve unit is also responsible for providing the department with ABC enforcement and sex offender registrant enforcement.

In addition, a majority of our reserves have moved on to become regular officers.

Ofc. Greg Farley
Redwood City Police Department
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  • Ofc. Jim Bertellotti
  • Information submitted on 09/08/1999