Class Descriptions

Terrorist Indicators, Warning Signs & Explosives

Darren Castner - Master EOD US Navy Top

Presented by Darren Castner,  Master Explosive Ordinance Disposal with the US Navy. This class will discuss some of the terrorists’ activities that have allowed them to breach security measures with their explosives, and why those explosives have failed to function properly. Our Presenter will describe some of the most powerful explosives available and the favorites of specific terrorist groups.  He will illustrate suspicious activities, which make the terrorists activities vulnerable to our vigilance.     


This 4-hour class will only be offered on Wednesday Afternoon at 2pm

Bulletproof Spirit

Dan WillisTop

Suicide is the #1 killer of peace officers. Nearly one in five peace officers are working while suffering from some form of PTSD. Learn effective methods to process stress, overcome trauma, and implement proactive strategies to protect and heal yourself.   Find out how to take care of yourself so you can take care of others – maintain your mental, emotional and physical fitness while staying motivated and profession. 

This 4-hour class will only be offered on Thursday morning

Firearms Training

Lead Instructor Res. Lt Jim Lennon - San Diego Sheriff’s Dept.Top

This Class is taught by the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. Firearms Team.  The Instructor Staff is composed of highly qualified Reserve Deputy Sheriffs. You will receive a use of force review with practical training using your duty handgun. Ammo must be ball or frangible; absolutely no hollow point or Golden Sabre-type ammo. The class is restricted to semi-autos only. You must provide your own semi-auto handgun, ammo and complete safety gear. More detailed information on the class and equipment requirements will be sent with your class confirmation.

Bus loads at 7:15AM and 12:45 PM 

This 4-hour offsite class is offered Thurs. AM & PM and Friday AM only

Active Shooter and Tactical Clearing Course

Sgt. Chris Sullivan - National City Police Dept.Top

This advanced training course is designed for individuals or teams and will focus on contemporary skills involving overall forward advance movements, MAC-TAC, slow and deliberate/dynamic clearing procedures, covering and searching, interior tactics using close quarter movements, use of cover and concealment, secondary searches and team safety. This course will also cover the transition between the various types of movements based on the circumstances presented to teach individuals how to function with others as a team.

This 4-hour offsite class offered Thursday AM and PM

Tactical Casualty Care (TCC)

Michael Meoli - Certified Tactical Paramedic Top

This is not a First Aid Class! This is a foundational tactical medical class teaching you how to apply the latest best-practice trauma skills in hostile combat zones for military or law enforcement.  All information and skills practice are evidence-based and conform to all guidelines from (CoTCCC), (NAEMT), (C-TCC), (POST) and (EMSA). The course is designed to teach the principles of life-saving care (self-care/buddy-care) in the tactical environment.  Areas of instructions will include traumatic hemorrhage control, treatment of penetrating chest trauma, airway adjuncts and the use of hemostatic dressings. 

This 4-hour class will be offered Thursday AM and Saturday AM

Reserve Coordinators Introduction

Frank Decker POST, Jeff Dunn POST & Jim Lombardi CRPOATop

This 8-hour class is designed to provide an overview of the reserve program to coordinators who are newly assigned or have limited experience in their positions. The subjects covered will include POST Regulations, reserve levels, reserve officer selection, entry level and in-service training requirements and reserve program management. As an introductory class it is preliminary in nature and is not intended to take the place of the POST-certified 24-hour Reserve Coordinator Class.

*This class is open to all attendees. In addition, POST Plan IV Reimbursement is available to Full Time Officers. Full-time officers need to bring a signed TRR form to the conference.

This 8-hour class is offered Thursday

Street Racing/Altered Vehicle

Motor Officer Ken Harris & Investigator Alex Cuesta - El Cajon PD.Top

READY! SET! GO! Come to the Street Racing / Modified Vehicle Enforcement class. Learn about Street Racing from the Law Enforcement side. See what makes this daily event so dangerous, and hard to enforce. Then, continue through the course and learn about the Modified Vehicles from Motorcycles to Autos. Understand what are legal, factory-installed parts and what’s aftermarket. Finally, experience the “Hands on” training with our on-site modified cars.

This 4-hour class offered Thursday AM and PM

Understanding Hazardous Materials

Jeff Norris - San Mateo Co. Sheriffs S & RTop

This is an introduction for law enforcement officers on how to accurately detect, identify, and acquire a basic understanding of the hazardous materials you may encounter and the actions you should take to maintain the safety of yourself and the public.  The course will provide a basic understanding of the dangers posed by different types of hazardous materials, the situations in which they may be encountered. Gaining an understanding of the factors that go into the decision-making process and to evaluate the risks that hazardous materials pose.  Also covered are types of personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be used to reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous materials and the limitations based on the different types with which you may be able to affect an urgent rescue with reasonable safety. 

Whether the release of a hazardous material is the result of carelessness, an accident, or an intentional act of terrorism it can be a life threatening hazard to you and the community.

This 4-hour class will be offered on Thursday AM and PM

Off-Duty Survival


Even the hardest working officers spend most of their time off-duty, yet most of our departments spend little to no time training us and our families to survive without a vest, radio, patrol rifles and immediate backup.  We will discuss communication, weapons, surveillance detection, maintaining your cover as a civilian, tactics with your family, and principles of when to be a witness and when to take action.  When we saw more and more officers involved in violent encounters with their small children present and other brave men and women murdered off-duty we created this class.


This 4-hour class is offered Thursday PM and Friday AM

A Special Invitation from the US Custom and Border Protection

US Custom and Border ProtectionTop

join us on Thursday evening for a tour that will focus on the first 10 miles of the border from the ocean out to the Otay Mountains.  While we will not be able to visit the more remote rugged terrain of our sector, we will focus on the technology, infrastructure and violence on the border.  If this is of interest to you, then please sign up for this tour on the class Registration form.  The tour will start and end at the Crowne Plaza – Porte Cochere Entrance 6:00 PM Thursday Only for an evening tour (3 1/2 to 4 hours).  We ask that you dress casual, no uniforms, closed toe shoes, and concealed weapons only. We only have 35 seats sign up early!  Please, come ready to learn and have an unusual but enjoyable evening. 

(Please Note that there is no POST credit for this event)

This 4-hour tour is offered only on Thursday evening

Introduction to Dignitary Protection

Jim Rewald, High Threat Solutions Worldwide, LLCTop

This is an introduction for those considering or preparing to work protection assignments for your department or off-duty in the private sector.  Some of your previous military or law enforcement training will work for you and some will work against you in a protection role. Some of the subjects covered are advance preparation, legal issues, weapons, gear and protection tactics.  These are skills we should all have whether using them to protect our department heads, mayors, CEOs, celebrities or our families.

This 4-hour class is offered Thursday PM and Friday AM

FBI LEOKA – Officer Safety & Awareness Training (OSAT)

Marcus Young - FBI LEOKATop

The mission of the FBI’s LEOKA Program is to reduce incidents of law enforcement deaths and assaults by providing data, research, and instructional services relevant to an officer’s safety. This class will cover 20-years of FBI LEOKA national research. The training topics will include: assaults, felonious deaths, and accidental deaths involving law enforcement; review of multiple case studies, the Deadly Mix concept, street combat veterans, and officer involved shooting incidents. The presentation includes recorded interviews of multiple offenders who explain their perspective and mindset related to violently assaulting law enforcement personnel.

“Marcus Young’s LEOKA class is nothing less than extraordinary! This class should be part of the in-service training officers receive every two years. The knowledge you receive will save your life!” Officer Daniel Chui San Francisco P.D.



This 4-hour class offered Friday AM and PM

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Sgt. Kendra Nunes - San Jose Police Dept.Top

Human trafficking is a worldwide, multibillion-dollar-a-year industry. According to the State Office of the Attorney General, human trafficking is the world’s second most-profitable with drugs holding the No. 1 ranking. CSEC is a form of human trafficking affecting communities worldwide. It is defined as sexual abuse of a minor for anything of value. CSEC is a fast growing problem. Three of our nation’s 13 high-intensity areas where children are forced into prostitution as identified by the FBI are located in California: Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.  Learn how it happens, which children are at a higher risk, learn the five protective factors and the warning signs. 


This 4-hour class is offered Friday AM and PM

Reserve Coordinators Update

Frank Decker POST, Jeff Dunn POST and Jim Lombardi CRPOATop

This Update Class is intended to provide experienced coordinators with a review of changes in law and regulation affecting the reserve program, pending legislation, course certification and compliance reviews. It will be interactive using breakout groups to address contemporary issues and problems and an open forum to review best practices. The instructors will be members of POST staff. Due to the format of the Update Class, prior completion of the 24-hour class or an update class is preferred, but not required.


*This class is open to all attendees. In Addition, POST Plan IV Reimbursement is available to Full Time Officers, officers need to bring a signed TRR form to the conference.

This 4-hour class is offered Friday AM and PM Only

15 minutes of video Fame or Shame

Dominic Gamboa - San Francisco Police Dept. Top

Posting negative videos of law enforcement officers during investigative contacts or consensual encounters is the latest social media craze.  Agitators are questioning an officer’s knowledge of legal procedures and law on video.  An officer can easily be provoked into an emotional debate that may lead into a less desirable outcome.  If you are found on any social media sites, the viewer may see you in two categories: Good Cop or Bad Cop.  Your character and professionalism will be only judged by what you are doing on video. We are working in an era like no other; with the use of camera phones an officer can gain an instant 15 minutes of Fame or Shame. These digital recordings caused controversy with the public on fourth amendment rights and how law enforcement is being trained.  Law Enforcement agencies abroad are seeking ways to mitigate these videos in administrative and court proceedings.  This is a 4-hour course developed to provided law enforcement professionals the knowledge and skills to deal with provocateurs looking to post negative or edited videos on the internet.

This 4-hour class offered twice Friday PM and Saturday AM Only

Surviving Police Work in the 21st Century

Capt. Rich Wemmer Ret LAPD, Lt Ed Deuel Ret Huntington Beach PDTop

Throughout our great Nation, peace officers are being attacked at an alarming rate.  Firearm and physical attacks are significantly increasing with serious bodily injuries and deaths.  Recently, the spouse of a police officer said that these deadly trends have resulted in the highest level of concern ever experienced by this person and their loved ones.

      As critical policing incidents occur everywhere, many involving the use of deadly force, controversy and questions swirl with loud community and frequent media outcries for police reform.  To better understand the impacts that occur on a policing agency directly and on a peace officer individually, this presentation addresses “The Policing ABCs – Awareness, Balance, and Confidence in the 21st Century” developed and shared nationwide by Ed and Rich.

     An emphasis will be placed on critical thinking within an ethical, legal, proper and safe decision-making model.  Significant reviews of officer-involved incidents that generated fear, shock, startle, and surprise for on and off-duty officers will be used as a pathway in recognizing and understanding the lessons learned.  Specifically, “What went Right and Wrong at this Moment in Time” will be thoroughly explained.  Previous attendees to Rich and Ed’s ARPOC presentations have acknowledged that their theme of “One Moment in Time to be the Best that One could ever Be” have better prepared them to understand best practices, police tactics, and use of force options for on and off-duty encounters.

This 4-hour class will be Friday PM

The San Bernardino Mass Shooting

Assistant Chief Eric McBride San Bernardino Police Dept.Top

This debrief will provide an overview of the San Bernardino incident and the law enforcement mutual aid response. Additionally, it will provide an overview of the lessons learned to include what worked and what did not. This debriefing has been presented at a few venues around California during the past few months and has drawn rave reviews from those who have seen it. We are very fortunate to have it presented at our conference

This 4-hour class is offered once Saturday AM Only

The Constitutional Law Crate — Applying and Articulating the Law Under Pressure

Tim Kral Attorney and Reserve Police OfficerTop

Every official action taken by a police officer, with rare exception, is governed by the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Law enforcement works in a world experiencing a paradigm shift and every potential juror is an “expert” on what you do because they saw something about it on television. Can you change their minds by clearly explaining the parameters of your job? It’s a world where an officer’s decision made under stress may lead to politically motivated criminal charges and your world can be turned upside down in what will seem like a heartbeat.  Can you articulate what you are allowed to do and when you are allowed to do it when it counts? This course will focus on recent high profile litigation, discuss the pros and cons of body worn cameras, defending lawsuits using human factors analysis, and teach concepts (The Constitutional Law Crate, Use of Force Fraction and the Use of Force Equation) designed to assist officers in understanding, applying and articulating constitutional law principles in general and use of force law and policy in particular.  This course will equip you with a clear, concise, comprehensible level of information and give you the confidence to easily and competently discuss those issues and concepts.  These concepts enable peace officers to better respond under stress to such concerns in the field, during the investigative process and while testifying in both criminal and civil proceedings.

This 4-hour class is offered once Saturday AM Only