Kingsburg Police Department

Reserve compensation consists of purchasing the Reserves first uniform and after that an annual uniform allowance of $125. We also provide a ballistic vest for officers that might not already own one. Reserve deployment consists of various patrol shifts to supplement patrol when we are short on officers. This may include a reserve being the […]

Hayward Police Department

Reserve Officers are non paid volunteers. While we are not paid, all uniforms and gear is provided by the City of Hayward. We employ level 1, 2 and 3 reserve officers. After completing the departments 400 hour FTO program, level 1 reserve officers are authorized to go on solo patrol. Hayward is located in the […]

Campbell Police Department

Reserve officers are used in every aspect of the department. Investigations, Patrol, Traffic, and Task Forces (Narcotics/Sex Offender/Auto Theft). Reserves are also used in special units such as Bike Patrol, SWAT, Crowd Control, Major Accident Investigation Team, Street Crimes, and DUI Enforcement. Reserve compensation: All uniforms, weapons, vests, and duty gear are provided by the […]

Atherton Police Department

All volunteer positions. Once Reserves complete the 420 hour FTO program, they are required to work at least 16 hours per month. Reserves work both solo, and with regular officers. Reserve Officers can work any day and any shift they like.

Anaheim Police Department

Reserve compensation is $18.34 per hour and time-and-a-half for court appearances and selected special details. Extra Duty compensation is $26.34 The primary job of the reserve unit is to support the patrol division as a second officer in the car. The Anaheim reserve field training program is the same as the regular officer program. Reserve […]